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  «Yoga and dance are one for me»
Mascha Heck

SuryaSoul® - Dance Of Life Teacher
Mascha Heck | Coach & Therapist

 «To dance put your hand on the heart and listen to the sound of your soul»
Eugene Louis Faccuito

I work as a coach & consultant and live with my husband and our children Ella and Lion in our beautiful house with garden in Chur. The Grisons mountains are the foundation from where I can expand into all worlds.

I have been practicing Yoga for 15 years. Yoga is life for me. And a path to consciousness and enlightenment. Yoga & dance are one for me. Yoga is dance. Dance is Yoga. Yoga is the way. Yoga is movement. Yoga is a source of strength. Yoga is peace. Yoga is community. Yoga is transformation. Yoga is mindfulness. Yoga is reflection. Yoga is gratitude. Yoga is compassion. Yoga is love. Yoga is creation. Yoga is joy. Yoga is light. Yoga is being. Yoga is. 

I have always loved dance. With Sabine & Philippe, whom I met for the first time at the Bhakti Yoga Summer at Chiemsee, near Munich, I became aware of how much healing can happen through dance. When Sabine told me about the Surya Soul training, which combines dance and yoga, I knew I was in. In 2017 I started the SuryaSoul® Teacher Training, having just become a Mom for the second time. 

I am thankful from the bottom of my heart that I can now combine yoga and dance in such a wonderful way and carry it into the world. I thank my wonderful teachers and the SuryaSoul Kula and all the dancers of life for all their love and support. Let us dive together into movement, health, joy of life, wisdom and the wonderful dance of life!

My SuryaSoul® 
Training & further education


SuryaSoul Dance of Soma, Choreography Wise, Kempten, Germany


SuryaSoul Dance of Life, Mallorca Spain 

SuryaSoul Dance of Spirit, Mallorca Spain 


SuryaSoul Dance of Soma, with Sabine Zweig and Philippe Beaufour, Mallorca Spain