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Sabine Zweig & Philippe Beaufour

Dancers of Life

„In the heart there is no distance only space“.
Philippe Beaufour

Dancers of Life
Sabine Zweig & Philippe Beaufour

Philippe Beaufour & Sabine Zweig are the founders and designers of SuryaSoul® - When Yoga becomes a dance of life - and the DancersOfLife platform. Since 2004 they teach and move people worldwide in workshops, retreats, at festivals, congresses, trainings, in hospitals, in groups and individual offers. 

Sabine was born and grew up in Southern Germany. Since her birth she has been living with a chronic incurable lymphatic disease that requires annual treatment and therapy in specialized clinics.  Dancing is her journey into healing and became her vocation to inspire people alongside her profession as a freelance architect and designer. 

Philippe was born in France, he travelled to India at the age of 28 to start a new life in Auroville - an international, spiritual city planning project from 1968, based on Human Unity and Integral Yoga. Trained in the martial arts of Taoism, his vision is to combine this movement with music. 
Together they realize SuryaSoul® . 
For over 20 years they have been world nomads with roots in Hamburg, Germany and Auroville, India. You are welcome to enter their world of self-creation, renewal, joy of life and transformation and take a conscious step towards your true self, a step towards living your life as a masterpiece. 
Her favorite words are: "Love, Joy, Moving, Dancing, Energy, Healing, Sweating and Meditation". 

SuryaSoul® Movie -  Dance Poetry of Life

Breathe, relax and let it move inside.....

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