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Evening Raga 
Surya Soul® - Dance Of Life in Chur

During the Evening Raga the music RAGA carries us through time and space. You step into your dance here and now with your very personal movement meditation. The focus on a CHAKRA leads us during the practice. At some point the given and healing postures of your movement meditation dissolve into free dance. You experience your expression in the here and now, the dance of the self and, if it is appropriate for you, the dance of the community. 

As a SEVA STAR you allow yourself breaks to recharge your batteries and as a SEVA STAR you hold space for others and thus cultivate mindfulness for yourself and others. You experience the intelligence of your body, which knows exactly which movements you need to feel good and whole, you become part of a community that carries you and gives you space to develop. 

We close the evening with a MANTRA and listen to the space that has been created in us and around us. A life-affirmation accompanies us back into everyday life and lets us become creators in our own powerful dance of life. 

Dates SuryaSoul® 2022
Every first Friday of the month
19.15 - 21.00

-  Summer brake - 

The next SuryaSoul® dates:

September 2, 2022
October 7, 2022
November 4, 2022
December 2, 2022

Price CHF 25
Lession 105 minutes
Get on board any time!

Place: Yogaloft Chur Gürtelstrasse 72, 7000 Chur

Sunday Afternoon Bliss

The Sunday Afternoon Bliss is an in-depth workshop. We begin with a soothing cup of tea to strengthen the community, so that you can leave your everyday life behind. We start very gently with small movements and music that picks us up and takes us on a creative journey to our core. You move naturally to the music and dive deeply into your yoga. 

Free dance with your own personal expression is the focus of the workshop. During the afternoon we let go more and more and give ourselves to the music, so that creativity emerges as a playful force. You will paint pictures and write poems that reflect your dance and bring it to the point as an essence and taht will guide you powerfully through life from this magical moment on. 

Dates Sunday Afternoon Bliss
Sundays 15.45 - 18.30

Workshops on demand, please contact us for more information

15.45 Get together and Tea
16.00 Start Dance of Life

18.30 finish

Price CHF 40
Lession (2,5 hours)
Get on board any time!

Place: Yogaloft Chur Gürtelstrasse 72, 7000 Chur

SuryaSoul® at Yoga Loft Chur

The Yoga Loft is located in the center of Chur, next to the railway station.

Gürtelstrasse 72, 7000 Chur